Climage change, air pollution, decreased physical activity, poorer quality of life, noise, accidents, etc. There is no shortage of reasons for questioning why we simply choose to jump in a car.

The purpose of Sustainable Transportation Week is to raise awareness of residents and decision markers in the Gatineau region regarding the need to change their travel habits, for their own good and that of the environment and quality of life in the city.

Sustainable Transportation Week is a week of all types of activities for every taste: lectures, demonstrations, activities in the streets, contests, etc.

What’s more, Sustainable Transportation Week is part of an international movement as it echoes European Mobility Week, which is organized every year in hundreds of cities in Europe.

Using public transportation, biking, walking, carpooling and car-sharing is not only good for your health and your wallet – it’s pleasant, too ! Whether for a bit of exercise every day or to read a book, it’s time invested in yourself !



To “change modes”, a number of tools are available to you in the section Helpful Links, including:Bulle_verte_300X100_72dpi